Let's go with the gory and so exciting details that everyone wonders about:
I create this site on a GNU/Linux machine. That's a Mandrake PC distribution for those who want to know - tough I also run and may use a Debian PC and an Apple iBook dual-booting pre-jaguar Mac OS X and Mandrake PPC. Content is created with emacs for long sessions and vim for quick single-file editing. No, you won't get me on this emacs versus vim thing!
And that's it for now, since I'm still looking for a web authoring tool that I enjoy using. I guess I'm not interested enough in HTML, web scripting, or dynamic content to appreciate them, that's all. This is also true for graphic content.
I have used LaTeX and latex2html to produce some more heavily technical oriented and printable documentation, as can be seen on the botzilla site were I took care of the LaTeX to HTML part. These two tools rocks, though it's difficult to obtain really really pretty HTML output. I may consider this again for some docs on this busy lab site.
All this is controlled by a versionning system. You can't live without these things once you know how to use them. I use CVS right now.
Pfew. Done.



Free is a French ISP, offering er... free (as in free beer) web site hosting an mail account as well as various paying services. Free is very light on advertising, respectful on privacy (read: no spam) and FOSS/Linux friendly.
I use their freebox, a Linux based DHCP host of their own, providing me a cheap, fast, but unfortunately to this date (18 June 2003) unreliable DSL connection. Let's hope this improve.


HTML design

This site design goes far beyond my HTML knowledge. I'm also more interested in making efforts to publish content than to make it look good, though I confess I like it to look good. Lazy me. So:
This clean and beautiful HTML design called Blue Haze is by haran, who made it available at Open Source Web Design, here. You may also check is very professional looking Sinorca design, if you have enough content to fill it!
The astute reader will notice that this is probably the most interesting part of these credits section.
By the way, I don't know Haran personally.